About mubkhar

mubkhar, a leading perfume brand of Kuwaiti origin has been a symbol of luxury in Eastern and Western fragrances since its founding in 2015. We have rapidly become the favoured choice for fragrance enthusiasts, offering a unique and pioneering "Design Your Own Perfume" experience – a first in the region.


At the core of mubkhar's philosophy is a dedication to crafting fragrances of exceptional quality that cater to a diverse array of preferences, enhancing every special moment. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our production – from the careful selection of ingredients to the detailed process of fragrance creation, ensuring each scent is infused with passion and precision.


Our journey began modestly with the online launch by our founders who possessed immense passion for perfumery. Our steadfast commitment to quality and the overwhelming support we received culminated in the opening of our first brick-and-mortar store in 2017, a significant milestone achieved within just two years of our inception.


Driven by our desire to spread the unique essence of mubkhar and strengthen our foothold locally, we expanded our reach across Kuwait by the end of 2020. We rolled out our expansion strategy into the GCC in 2022, and started operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the Kingdom of Bahrain. By end of 2022, we were acquired by Floward, the leading online flowers and gifts delivery company, which helped us expand even further in the countries we operate in in the region and adding the United Arab Emirates to our countries of operations.


Social responsibility is a cornerstone of our business ethos. We always make sure to give back to our communities through various initiatives and partnerships, striving to leave a positive and meaningful impact. We are also committed to using the highest quality of materials and ensuring our products are safe for use by our customers. This reflects our dedication to a perfumery practice that is not only responsible but also harmonious with individual well-being.  


Whether you are a seasoned fragrance enthusiast or new to the sensory world of perfumes, mubkhar stands as a beacon of excellence, offering a wide range of expertly crafted scents to enhance and celebrate every occasion.